Black Chambers is a collective of individual barristers.

We are specialist advocates who practise in courts, tribunals and inquiries throughout Australia and overseas.

We provide fearless, independent and discerning representation within our specialist practice areas. We are committed to the ideals of excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion and dedicated to using the tools of the law for the protection of human rights.

We are committed to the development of the law including through collaboration with members of the academy.

We are committed to ensuring that the practice of law as a barrister is accessible to people with a diverse range of backgrounds and identities. We make a practical commitment to gender parity and diversity in the make-up of the members of our chambers.

We are committed to promoting access to justice for all, particularly for the marginalised and disadvantaged in our society.

Being black is not a matter of pigmentation – being black is a reflection of mental attitude. 

                                                                                               – STEVEN BIKO

Our use of Biko’s quote, one which is intended to show solidarity with all those who are or have felt disregarded by the dominant culture, is intended to reflect the values of diversity and tolerance that our members seek to espouse and embrace in their approach to legal practice. This applies not just to race or colour, but to wider issues surrounding sexuality, disability and of course gender identity.